The first record of Acupuncture is found in the 4,700 years old Huang Di Nei Jing 黄帝内经 (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine). This is said to be the oldest medical textbook in the world.
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Prof.Cao Xiyan
Relieve pain and itch instantly
Balance and direct meridian energy flowing (yin/yang)
Cleansing and detoxicate the Body
Prof.Cao has more than 45 years' clinical experience and holds many national awards and patents in his career . He and his staffs are all fully licensed professionals in Canada with high-note credentials, all the major insurance company is covering his services.
In his practice, he always shows great concern for his patients, providing them with the highly skilled care . He has been successfully treated many diseases, including many difficult and complicated diseases. Many Family doctors and pharmacists in Toronto referred unsolved cases to Prof.Cao for alternative medicine and so often surprised by the positive results. They developed friendship with Prof. Cao in collaboration of western medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine, working together on how to amplify the advantages of both medical systems in order to cure more people. Through research of how acupuncture works, many patients have been tested and proven by the biological analysis, X-ray, Labs and other modern medical instruments. He established his clinic and reputation in Toronto Since 1992, and becoming a well-known health provider in many communities around GTA. With his professional office on 147 Finch Ave. west(FINCH NATURAL CARE CENTER) He continus serve his patients with passion and talent. viagra tabletas de 10 mg over the counter viagra like pills natural viagra ice cream is viagra sold over the counter in spain